Soy wax is such a lovely product to work with. Not only does it create a luxurious creamy candle, it is also environmentally friendly and safe for your body. Here is why you should choose soy wax over other candle materials:

It is eco friendly

Soy wax is a natural plant wax made from soy bean oil. It is biodegradable therefore it does not contribute to pollution. It is also super easy to wash off so you can re-purpose your candle jars for another use!

Soy wax is renewable

In addition to soy wax being biodegradable, it is also renewable. The majority of candles on the market use paraffin wax which relies on a dwindling supply of crude oil which is both harmful for the environment and wildlife. Soybeans are grown from seed planted in rows in the field. Farmers can select seed based on desirable plant characteristics, like high yield, ability to withstand drought, colour, or ability to withstand wind and weather. Amazing.

Soy is safe

Soy wax is safe for the respiratory system and unlike paraffin wax, it does not release nasty carcinogens and pollutants so you can relax knowing your candle will not have any negative effect on your health. It also does not release black smoke so you do not need to worry about getting unsightly black stains on your lovely walls!

More burn for your buck

Soy wax burns on average 40-50% slower than paraffin wax, resulting in a longer lasting candle. Combined with my luxurious cosmetic grade fragrance oils, you truly are getting a high quality product that will not burn a hole in your pocket!

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    February 10, 2019 / 1:05 pm

    I love how Soy wax burns and melts, it is so much better as the hole candle burns not just the centre, and the smell is so intense, and when you put it out the wick smoke is pleasant too not like a traditional candle. So it’s win win win baby. Love it

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